Our vision of the future of Edmonton and Northern Alberta includes an Iconic Arena District in the Capital City.



A group of concerned business owners got together this week to discuss the incredible opportunity that exists in the capital region. That opportunity is to turn Edmonton into a world class center anchored by a vibrant entertainment district. Other leading Canadian cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto have seen the benefit of bringing entertainment to the downtown core.

Our vision of the future of Edmonton and Northern Alberta includes an Iconic Arena District in the Capital City.

Our elected leaders have the ability to make this project a success, but we need to act now to show our support.

We fully support the proposed downtown Edmonton Arena District, and encourage ALL the stakeholders involved to finalize a workable deal.

"This is our chance to make a statement and set a new course for our city. The Arena District is a hockey rink, casino, hotel and more but it's also a billion dollar project that will help reduce urban sprawl and increase transit ridership while simultaneously driving downtown revitalization through secondary development in surrounding neighbourhoods."

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How can you help? ACT NOW:
  1. Copy & paste the following letter and email or mail it to ALL/ANY of the parties involved including:

    All the City Councillors (For Mac users)
    The Mayor
    The Premiers office
    The Prime Ministers office
    Katz Group of Companies

  2. Copy & paste the following letter and send it to everyone you know

  3. Tweet, post, and e-mail this link to your friends and colleagues: www.buildthearena.com #yegarena


October 26th, Edmonton's City Council votes 10-3 in favour of the Arena District.

Following concessions on both sides, on October 26th Edmonton's city councillors had the vision and the courage to vote 10 -3 in favour of the Arena District. All sides of the negotiation have expressed their gratitude for your support and felt that it truly MADE A DIFFERENCE. In the face of the vocal minority, your efforts made it very clear to the media and key stakeholders that Edmontonians have a vision for an iconic arena district in the downtown core. Congratulations!

Highlights of our campaign:

In 2 weeks...
  • Our committee mobilized a team of 255 Edmonton and area leaders to step up and let voices be heard
  • Our supporters encouraged their vast networks through mail, e-mail, and social media to get involved
  • Our initiative was featured in the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Sun, Astral Radio Network, Global News, the Globe and Mail, electronic billboards, and numerous publications
  • Our presence was felt at City Council thanks to an organized initiative to bring our supporters together
  • Our voices represented many of the speakers representing supporting positions at the City Council Open Forum
We want to thank all the members of the Build The Arena team.. all 255 of us should be proud of this worthy initiative.

We know that there are still some hurdles to overcome with funding, design and logistics, but we are encouraged that discussions are happening with all of our elected leaders to find a way to move forward. Where there's a will there's a way!

On behalf of our organizing committee (John Radostits, Wes Patterson, John Trapp, Jared Smith, Marshall Sadd, Terry O'Flynn), thanks for being a proud Edmontonian.



The Build The Arena Association is a
non-profit society led by:

John Radostits President, Radco Group
Terry O'Flynn President, Prism Flow Products Inc.
Wes Patterson President, Brokel Industries Inc.
Marshall Sadd President, Lloyd Sadd Insurance
Jared Smith Co-Founder, Incite Marketing
John Trapp President, Total-R Insulation Solutions

Supporters (255)

Henry Bereznicki
Kevin Lang
John Radostits
Sticks & Stones
Blair Assaly
Fred Foord, First Truck Centre
Sean Montgomery
Mark Ham
Terry O'Flynn, Prism Flow Products
Bruce Saville
Cathy A. King
Noah Jones
Cory Janssen
George H Eisert
Darren Matwichuk
Jared Smith, Incite Marketing
David Sproule
Craig McEwen
Dave Hardy
Coup Boutique
Jason Matthison
Mike Slobodan
Bruno Muller, Caron Transportation
Performance Business Brokers
iomer internet solutions inc.
Alison Rayner
Craig Simpson
David Feigel, Universe Machine
Travis Holowach
Colleen MacEachern
Carl Rosenau, Rosenau Transport
Doug Kelly
Mike Yasinski
Chris DeCock
Tracy Rohl
Jason Borle
Adam Carmichael
Matt Glover
Asif Hasham
Geoff Moreau
Darryl Kostash
Chad Murphy
Shabir Ladha
Ravi Bakshi
Salvatore Corea
Keller Denali Construction
Fabian Perez-Parada
Richard Angus
Trevor Yachimec
Darren Sharko
David Porter
Chris Sokalski
Randy Boddez
Roger Dootson
Sheldon Grimm
Philip Krake
Richard Sasseville
Todd Grundy
Ron Cardwell
Soho Master Hair Stylists
Erik Holmlund
Fission Media Group Inc.
Kyle Kasawski
Gregg Oldring
Tom Richards
Ross Langford
Nancy McCalder
Sean Collins
Tim Hanas, Ignition Media
Rodney Woren
Cameron Quilliam
Irving Kipnes, Delcon Development Group
Dennis Mozak
John Holzapfel
Nathan Isbister
John Greer
Micah Slavens, Lift Interactive
Ray Turner
Don Hickey
Kenneth Cleall
Ian Stanley, Stanley Foods Ltd
Gord Syme
Windsor Plywood's Commercial Division
Rod Phillips
Bob Walker, Ledcor Construction
Brent Hesje
Jocelyn Kennedy Accessories
Joan Dootson
Jason Shesky
Michael Spotowski
Justin Rumpel
John Droog
Marc Tardif
Catherine Douglas
Gerry Somers/Derek Ward, Donalco Western Inc.
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Andy Boelee, Omega Structural Detailing
David King
Jordan Singer
Danielle L'Heureux
Advantage Signs Ltd.
David Buehler
Brian Smith
David McDougall
Jim Dryden, Dryden Agencies Ltd.
Barry & Dan Arndt, Boston Pizza Terwillegar
Dean Cisek, Summit Trailer
Paul Verhesen, Clark Builders
Bob Bessette
Jerrold Diamond
Regency Developments
John Musgreave
Ian Bradley
Trevor Caithness
Alex Stieda
Ron Mosher
Lewis Nakatsui
Scott Young
Ricardo Giacobbo
Gary Innes
Action Express & Hotshot
Bud Nowicki
Rob Gingras, Bee-Clean Building Maintenance
Larry Hahn
Lyle Funk, Holt Renfrew
Kelly Noland, MyBlackCard
Barry James, PwC

Peter J Sorrell
Alan Kuysters
Fred Singer
Mike McAllister, CS&M Pipe Services
Lesley Paull
Dale Degner
Bruce Kirkland
Scott Gibb
Gord Leder
Jason Holtz
Jim Brown
Kenny Slywka
Jason Wordie, Henry Singer Fashion Group
Adam Carpenter
David Cox
Chris LaBossiere
Trevor Krawchuk
Karmac - The German Autohaus Ltd.
Lindsay Kelly
David and Janice Dorward
Betty Adams
Ron Johnson
David Treece
The Ranch Golf and Country Club
Chana Martineau
Blair Corbeil, Superior Buildings & Design Ltd.
Ken Barry
Darren Pohl
Daryl Meyer
FIXAUTO Edmonton West Albert Rosanova
Martin Wasylishyn
Paul Radostits
Dr. Harbuksh Sekhon, Lewis Estates Dental Centre
John Cameron
Scott A Matheson
Francesco Santoro
Lyle R Best C.M.
Jim Rudolph
Garvin Weber
Brendan Connolly, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
Thomas Hendrickson
Dennis Seib
Bob McIntyre, A&A Disposal
Jon Lund
Ian Johnston
Jason Knapton, Great Canadian
Todd Bish
Brokel Stainless/Norlab Systems
Richard Kirby
Gerry Demers, Demelco Electric
Dayle & Darlene McKIBBON
Christopher Bruce
Ryan Vestby
Cary Craig
Jim Stout, Grant Thornton LLP
Dr. Bob Steadward
Thomas Ashcroft
Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers
Darin Rayburn
Scott Burns, BURNCO Rock Products
Darcy Braun
Tom Shearer
Ross Grieve
William Huff Advertising
Dave Bodnarchuk
Joe Cairo, M.C. College Group
Dino Cairo
Justin Coderre
Richard Elhard
Italo Bruno Kingsgate Homes
John Goode
Larry Anderson
Blaine MacMillan
Andrew Zylstra
Carl H Shields
Anthony Bright
Chris Suvan, Nor Chris Holding's Inc.
Ashwani Singh
Rick O'Donnell, DSD Canada
David Margolus
Jim Donovan, Donovan Group of Companies
Tom Lassu
Chantal Girard
Fraser Brinsmead
Cheryll Watson
Michael Richard
Doug Lane
Michael Szott
Jim Allen, Jatec Electric
Kent Simpson
Corey Smith
Edward J Green
Predictable Futures Inc.
Blaine LaBonte
Paul G. Douglas
John Robert Cowley
Trevor Ross, Grasschopper Landscaping
Douglas Sund
Jozef Klimko, Hurricane Machining & Mfg.
LIAP Media, Inc.
Larry Pals
Howard Worrell
Crystal Graham
Michael Olson
Dave Filipchuk
Steven LePoole
Ken Bautista
Tom Gilmore
Darren Tonn
Dave Young
Alex McPherson
Robert Opara
Mark Hartum
Cory Wosnack
Dr. William J. Sharun
Brad Kennedy
Jeff Simkin
Sylvia J Nasseri
Barry Wiedman, MHA Group
Stephen Petasky
James Morrison
Roger Geisinger
Karen Murphy
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